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A Treat to all Music Producers: 25,000+ sound presets for Synth1 VST

A Treat to all Music Producers: 25,000+ sound presets for Synth1 VST

25,000+ sound presets for Synth1 VST



Before going any further, for providing you with this treat all I ask is to please give a

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Hello fellow producers!!

Here is the Synth1 VST! But before I share the download, I want to first give thanks to everyone who viewed my most successful video on my Youtube channel titled,  “FREE VST/VSTI/SAMPLE COLLECTION + FL STUDIO TRICK!!”

It has been almost 4 years since uploading that video and it has amassed over 50,000 views. I couldn’t thankyou guys enough as I had no idea it would reach that many viewers, maybe a few thousand at MOST.

As a token of my gratitude I wanted to give back to my subscribers/viewers by providing you all with a treat. Here is a pack of 25,000+ sound presets for the Synth1 VST. No really, the pack literally includes over 25,000+ sounds…

Many of you have probably found this post from my Youtube channel, others from search engines. Either way, I hope you enjoy this wonderful virtual instrument as Synth1 has proven to be one of the top Vsti’s of all time, as seen highly rated across the net amongst the VSTworld.


Synth 1 is a japanese vst created by a Japanese sound engineer named “Ichoro Tada”.  You can download the free vst here.

synth1 (1)

I’m assuming that you are already a music producer who has installed vsts in the past and you know how to drag VST’s to your computers plugin directory. If not, view my tutorial video here. After downloading, make sure you have dragged the .dll file to your vstplugins database.

The 25,000 presets file can be downloaded @ the link below:
EDIT: I apologize for those who have tried to download the file recently and was met with an error. This file has been receiving a tremendous amount of downloads and apparently, Google Drive can only handle so much traffic on one link for so long. So I have updated a new one! Link should be good for another year. 



nbsk/25%2C000+Synth1+Presets.rarOnce downloaded, go back to my tutorial video if you prefer a visual “how to” for installing the soundpacks. Otherwise, view my instruction photo below.


Once finished, you should be able to successfully load Synth1 in any DAW of your choice with all 25,000+ sound presets pre-installed. Make sure to click the 
“initial sound” button and then click the “+” sign next to “external (.zip)” to open up your soundbanks. 

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Happy producing!!!

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